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Proposed Updates to the Authentication Standard

July 2, 2019 UPDATE

APEGA Council has approved the Authenticating Professional Work Products practice standard. It will be published on the website in mid-July 2019.

We are producing a series of educational videos to outline changes in the standard and the obligations of licensed professionals, Responsible Members, and permit holders. In addition, we are working with our stamp supplier and finalizing the policies to make the Permit to Practice stamp available to permit holders. The videos and stamps should be available this fall.

There will be a transition period for licensed professionals and permit holders to develop policies and processes to comply with the new standard. Enforcement of the practice standard will be in July 2020.

Understanding and properly implementing authentication, particularly in the digital space, is one of the most talked-about challenges licensed professionals face in their practice. The Authentication Standard Subject Matter Panel, consisting of subject matter experts and a select group of permit holders, has updated APEGA's Authenticating Professional Documents (now titled Authenticating Professional Work Products) practice standard to improve definitions and add clarity to this important professional responsibility.

Some changes to the practice standard include:

  • defining professional work products to enable licensed professionals to better determine what should be authenticated
  • defining a Responsible Member's validation of professional work products
  • standardizing authentication and validation formats to enable licensed professionals, permit holder, and the public to easily identify the authenticator and the validator, as well as the dates of authentication and validation
  • discussing the uses of digital technology to authenticate professional work products
  • setting the requirements for the authentication of professional work products imported into or exported from Alberta
  • providing considerations for the retention and storage of authenticated professional work products

APEGA is offering members the chance to learn more about these changes, as well as review them in detail. Information sessions were hosted across Alberta, including via online webinar throughout September and October. Video presentations have also been uploaded and are available to view at your leisure.

Download the draft of the new standard (1.2MB)

Overview Infographics

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What is Authentication and Validation?

What to Authenticate and Validate

Authenticating Commercial vs Customized Engineered Goods


How to Authenticate and Validate

Authentication Procedures for Multiple Contributors

Authentication for Continuous Operations and Field Revisions of Professional Work Products


Watch the Information Presentations Online

If you would prefer to get the information at your own pace, we have made the presentation available publicly on YouTube. 

Watch the full playlist on YouTube (42 minutes) 




Chapter 1: Responsibilities of Licensed Professionals and Responsible Members


Chapter 2: What to Authenticate, Part 1: The Authentication Test


Chapter 2: What to Authenticate, Part 2: Imported and Exported Work Products



Chapter 3: Authentication and Validation Process and Procedures, Part 1: Methods



Chapter 3: Authentication and Validation Process and Procedures, Part 2: Procedures



Chapter 3: Authentication and Validation Process and Procedures, Part 3: Validation



Chapter 4: Field Revisions


Give APEGA Your Feedback on These Changes

One you have watched the information online, be sure to let us know if you have any feedback or questions about it.