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Pre-Graduate Degree Experience Credit

This information is for applicants who started their P.Eng. application after May 2, 2018. If you started your application before May 2, 2018, please see the pre-CBA application information below.

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If you are applying for a Professional Engineer or Licensee designation, the Board of Examiners (BOE) may accept work experience gained before completing your engineering undergraduate degree. Please note, only work experience at the professional level will be considered acceptable.

Any professional level experience obtained during a pre-graduate period must be confirmed by a reference. Please note, engineering technologist level of work experience will not be considered. 

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Recording Work Experience

To record work experience, you must complete and submit a WRVL covering the period of your pre-graduate work experience and containing the following:

  • In the Work Record Validator section, provide your supervisor’s information
  • In the Work Record section, provide details of your employment and experience:
    • a brief overview of your engineering experience
    • the number of months of full-time and part time registration
  • In the Work Record Reference section, the information for your reference can be the same as your validator, or different

Part-time experience that overlaps academic studies is typically not considered as acceptable experience.

Read about the Work Record Validator List