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Professional Licensee Applications

A Professional Licensee (called a Limited Licensee in some other jurisdictions) has the academic and experience requirements to practise engineering or geoscience within a clearly defined scope of practice. A scope of practice is specific to the experience and education of the applicant. This is different from Professional Engineers and Professional Geoscientists, who do not have limitations on their scopes of practice.

The Professional Licensee designation is covered under the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act under Part 7 from section 83 to 86, and the Regulations under Part 10 from section 74 to 78. Professional Licensees may use the designation P.L.(Eng.) or P.L.(Geo.).

Read about the right to use a designation 

Professional Licensees take responsibility for their work within their scopes of practice, and they do not need to be supervised by a Professional Engineer or Professional Geoscientist if they are working within their scopes of practice.

Requirements for Professional Licensee Applicants

To become a Professional Licensee, you must have the following:

Inter-Provincial Mobility Applications

If you are registered as a Professional Licensee (P.L.) or Limited Licensee with another Canadian engineering or geoscience regulator, you may qualify to apply for an inter-provincial mobility application (IPMA) to APEGA. Not all Canadian jurisdictions have an equivalent membership category to APEGA’s P.L. designation, which means mobility applications for P.L. require additional review and scrutiny.

Registration of a P.L. through mobility is at the discretion of the APEGA Board of Examiners. As this is a limited license category, with a defined scope of practice, APEGA will review the approved scope of practice to ensure it is appropriate for practice within Alberta. To be considered for registration, an applicant must have a scope of practice which involves the practice of engineering or geoscience, as defined in The Engineering and Geoscience Professionals Act.

Because some jurisdictions allow limited licenses to be granted to those with academic backgrounds which are not acceptable within Alberta, APEGA will conduct a review of a mobility applicant’s academic background. Our assessment is to determine if there is a material deficiency in knowledge or technical ability which may pose a risk to the protection of the public within Alberta.

For more information on the inter-provincial mobility process for Professional Licensees, and to verify that you are eligible to apply under it, email with your:

  • name and birth date 
  • membership number 
  • current association 
  • current designation 
  • current scopes of practice

Apply to Be a Professional Licensee

Before you start your application for Professional Licensee, be sure to read all of the instructions provided on the application form, the application checklist, and this website.

The Professional Licensee application is a PDF-based application. Do not use the APEGA online application system to apply as a Professional Licensee.

  • Download the Work Experience Record, and carefully read the experience requirements, the scope-development guidelines, and the reference requirements in the Professional Licensee Application Checklist document.
    Read about work experience requirements

  • Complete all required forms and sign and date the last page of the application.
    • Be sure to keep a copy of all documents you submit.
  • Submit the application and required documents to

  • Pay for your application by credit card or cheque at the APEGA Edmonton office. Credit card payments are also accepted by phone.

After APEGA receives your application and payment, we will email you your APEGA ID number. Use this number to log in to the Member Self-Service Centre to check your application status and print your receipt.

Start your application (PDF) 

You have 90 days to submit all documents

Required Documents

APEGA will not review your application until we have all required documents and you have paid the application fee.

After submitting your application, you have 90 days to send us all of the academic documents you listed on your application. If you do not submit these documents within 90 days, APEGA will withdraw your application. Your application fee is not refundable.

If you have questions, you can email our Registration Department at or call our Edmonton office.



New applicants$500
Professional Licensee registered in
a Canadian province or territory

These prices do not include GST and are subject to change. Application fees are non-refundable and are not tax deductible.


Review Process for Professional Licensee Applications

Professional Licensee Application Review Process

After we've received all of your required documents, the Board of Examiners will review your qualifications. The BOE has the authority to approve or refuse your application until you have fulfilled the requirements in the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act.

Academic Review

An Academic Examiner will look at all the relevant post-secondary education included in your application. Include information about all of your degrees if you hold multiple degrees or diplomas in engineering or geoscience. The result of this review is a recommendation made to the BOE regarding your academic qualifications

Read about academic documentation requirements 

Experience Review

An Experience Examiner will look at the type, quality, and duration of your work experience, as well as how recent it is. The Experience Examiner will provide a recommendation regarding your experience to the entire BOE for review.

Read about work experience requirements 

Board of Examiners Decision

The BOE will make a final decision on the recommendations regarding your academic and experience qualifications and your defined scope of practice.

The BOE meets once per month, excluding July, and decides whether to grant or refuse licensure.

  • BOE meeting dates are not available to the public.
  • We cannot release decision information over the phone.
  • We will email you the decision by the end of the following month after the BOE meeting.


Check the status of your application online

Check Your Application Status

You can check the status of your application or update your contact information by logging in to the Member Self-Service Centre. If any documents are missing, they will be listed as not received or incomplete.

If you have questions, you can email our Registration Department at or call our Edmonton office.

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