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2017 Member & Permit Holder Dues Increases

On December 5, 2016, APEGA announced dues increases for Members and Permit Holders. The reasoning for the increases is discussed in detail in two columns — the President's Notebook and the Interim CEO's Message — in the winter 2016 PEG. 

To keep increases as low as possible, APEGA is restructuring operations, freezing staff salaries for the second consecutive year, and putting in place other cost-cutting measures. The dues increases cover increased operating costs to support efforts associated with APEGA's statutory obligations.

Member Dues

APEGA will charge $36 more in dues for each Professional Member in 2017. Dues will increase to $360, plus GST, from $324, plus GST. Other Membership categories have also changed their fees as outlined below.

About $9 of the increase will fund APEGA's second year of dues reductions to unemployed Members. Also for unemployed Members, APEGA will continue discounting the fees it charges for professional development. All Members have free access to an exclusive job board that features engineering and geoscience opportunities. And APEGA also provides connections to other organizations that assist Members with professional development and career management.

Full List of Member Dues Increases

Membership Category2016 Dues2017 Dues
Professional Member$324$360
Professional Licensee$324$360
Provisional Licensee$160$180
Life Member (non-practising)
(25% of Professional Member dues)

Read the Member Dues Fact Sheet

The following charts show how APEGA's dues compare with those of other organizations.

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Professional Dues of Other Alberta Regulators Annual Member Dues in Canada - Professional Engineers and Geoscientists APEGA Professional Members Dues Increases 2006-2017

Permit Holder Dues

Dues increases for Permit Holders also lie ahead. Under a new system, their dues will be based on the number of Members they employ, replacing a one-rate-for-all system. The new rates are considered a more equitable reflection of the costs required to regulate Permit Holders.

Effective July 1, 2017,  the new schedule begins for Permit Holders employing six or more Members. For those employing five or fewer Members, the effective date is a year later, July 1, 2018.

Permit Holders will pay annual dues based on the number of Members they employ:

Permit Holder Dues = $500 x √# of Members Employed + GST

Read the Permit Holder Dues Fact Sheet