Professional Practice Management Plan | APEGA

Professional Practice Management Plan

An APEGA Permit to Practice allows a company to practise engineering and/or geoscience in Alberta. A company must have a Professional Practice Management Plan (PPMP) that is appropriate to its practice of the professions and that is being followed by its Professional Members.

The PPMP describes the corporate policies, procedures, and systems used to ensure that engineering and/or geoscience work done on behalf of the company is done responsibly and meets all legal requirements. APEGA Members and Permit Holders are legally required to meet APEGA’s professional, technical, and ethical standards.

The PPMP must be active, current, and available to any APEGA Members practising on behalf of the company and to APEGA, upon request.

PPMP Components

The main components are:

  • an organizational chart
  • the ethical standards of the company
  • a description of the quality control systems used to maintain ethical, professional, legal, and technical standards
  • a list of professional and technical resources
  • professional documents and records
  • a clear record of who is practising and where and how practice is occurring
  • the method used to authenticate documents
  • documented company support for continuing professional development

The Guideline for Professional Practice Management Plans provides more information on purpose, scope, and content required in a PPMP. APEGA’s Permit to Practice seminars provide additional information on PPMPs. These seminars are mandatory for Responsible Members.

For more information or clarification, please contact our Director of Enforcement and Permits at our Edmonton office.